Tug McGraw Biography

  Tug had a difficult childhood with an alcoholic father who loved to fight, but his mother "showed him what love was all about." As Tug became older he turned his anger into sports . He played football for Marist College, Syracuse University, UNM, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He played baseball for UNM, the New York Mets, the Montreal Expos, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Tug McGraw Biography Tug McGraw was born Lawrence Francis McGraw Jr. on March 3rd 1944 in Westport Connecticut to his father Lawrence Francis McGraw Sr. and mother Marie Therese. He was the second of three children, he had one older brother Phil who was seven years his senior, and one younger sister Pamela who was four years his junior. Tug's father worked as a sportswriter for the New York World Telegram for over ten years, but left around 1947 to join the family trucking business, "Cappy" McGraw Trucking. Tug stated that his father was not home much due to work reasons, but what time he did